Personal, Animal, & Employment Law Services in Berthoud, Colorado

Know your rights! Let the experts at Elizabeth Lamb Kearney P.C. in Berthoud, Colorado, assist you with your personal, animal, or employment law case needs.
Signing Papers, Employment Law in Berthoud, CO

Wills & Trusts

We offer full-service legal assistance for the development of wills and trusts, including:

• Durable Medical Powers
• Durable Financial Powers
  of Attorney
• Estate Planning
• Will & Trust Drafting
• Medical & Financial Assistance for
  Disabled/Emancipated Patients


Animal Law

At Elizabeth Lamb Kearney P.C., we understand just how important your pets are to you. In addition to will, trust, and estate planning, we also specialize in all areas of animal law to assist you in being a better pet parent, including:

• Assistance with Charges of
  Animal Neglect & Return of
  Confiscated Animals
• Animal Trust Drafting to Cover
  Animal Care in the Event of
  Death or Disability
• Animal Bites & Injuries
• Property Damage Caused
  by Animals

Employment Law

As experts in employment law, we represent both employers and employees through a wide variety of cases and issues, including:

• Non-Compete Agreements
• Discrimination
• Unemployment Benefits • Wage Disputes


Probate Litigation

We provide probate litigation representation for estate, guardianship, and conservatorship cases to ensure your physical and financial needs will be secured.

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